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5. iPhone 6 Case, Spigen [HEAVY DUTY] Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6 (4.7-Inch) – Gunmetal (SGP11022)

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By JTL on September 25, 2014
I got my iPhone 6 on launch day and went immediately on the hunt for a great case to go along with it. I checked out the case at the Local Best Buy, and while they had a few, I wasn’t wanting to spend half a hundred dollars on a case, so I came to Amazon. It was between this Spigen case and a coupe others and I ultimately decided on this one because it seemed to keep with the color scheme of the phone a little more (I have the space grey phone).

The case came yesterday and Ill say I’m mostly satisfied, but I have a few points I want to make so others know what to expect.

1. The user who reviewed this and said it doesn’t protect the front must have gotten a defective unit or installed the phone in the case improperly. There’s more than enough lip on the case to protect the screen if laid down flat on a table top.
2. I ordered gunmetal because I assumed (and it looked in the pictures) like it was close to the space gray color. It’s not really. It’s more of a coppery color, which was kind of disappointing.
3. The case is very angular, which is fine and it seems very sturdy and will do a nice job of protecting the phone, but it does add considerable bulk to the phone and it completely blows the curviness of the design. With the case on it would be hard to discern the iPhone 6 from any other squared off smart phone, so that’s kind of a bummer. The design of the phone is a big part of its appeal and this phone obscures the design. Unfortunate.

Overall, this is a solid, well-made case that will provide plenty of protection for everyday use. It doesn’t do the phone’s design any favors and the gunmetal color is more coppery than I expected. For $20, you’re not going to find a much better case.

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4. Apple iPhone 5S Silver 16GB Unlocked GSM Smartphone (Certified Refurbished)

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By king s.on October 30, 2015
First things first, this phone is top-notch for the price listed. Although, I was in bad luck of my sim tray not working but I contacted the customer service and I was set. The phone looks perfectly new ; no scratches, scruffs, etc. When you see the word ” refurbished ” on the title when buying this, it certainly is refurbished. The flash is so easy to catch, and it’s so dull and fake, it seems like a rainbow whilst taking a picture. The camera aren’t certainly the worst, especially the front-facing camera. The front-facing camera gets me so hesitated, I, sometimes feel like breaking and cracking this phone open. Nonetheless, this phone is top-notch for the time being. READ THIS REVIEW FAST YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

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3. The Ultimate Bundle for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus – 7 Piece Accessory Kit Includes: Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable, USB Wall Adapter, Car Charger, Earbuds, Screen Protector, Stylus, Clear TPU Case

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By A Briggs on December 2, 2014
A great, inexpensive “bundle” to get to go with your new phone. I was able to slip my phone directly into the clear case and then put the screen protector on, so my phone has had no chance to get scratches at all. The wall charger is 5 Watt, so the phone charges quickly, and I like the car charger for emergencies (I already had a car charger). I already had earbuds, but it is nice to have a spare set for my gym bag. (Frankly, I didn’t need the stylus.)

I bought the Bundle for the case and screen protector (hard to find those for less than the bundle cost, without any of the other pieces thrown in for free) and to get a new fancier case later — but I find I really like the clear case. It has a soft, rubbery gel surface, so the phone doesn’t slip in my fingers, and I can see the nice Gold back that I chose specifically.

There is another similar “bundle kit” for iPhone 6 available, which has a folio case and a drawstring-closed bag for accessories — these were very tempting. But it doesn’t have the 5W wall charger, and was several dollars more expensive. I’m so glad I got this bundle!

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2. Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 Ultra Compact 10000mAh Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology

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By Donna NaQuin on September 10, 2013
I purchased this item about 8 months ago. for my cell phone. I LOVED it. It would charge my phone 4 or 5 times without needing a charge. All of a sudden a month or so ago, it won’t even give me 1 charge. After plugging in the phone and pressing the button, all 4 lights light up, then I get about 25% charge and it’s dead.. press the button, no lights. I just contacted Anker and left comment. I hope they have a solution. If they do, I’ll give it 5 stars.
update 03.02.14: sorry I didn’t update sooner. I emailed Anker and told them about the problem. They emailed me right away, asked for the model# and my address. They sent me another charger and didn’t make me go to the post office and pay to return the old one. Then they emailed me a week or so later to make sure I got it and to see if it was working properly. I emailed them back thanking them for their awesome c.s. and told them that it’s working great. I get 2 or 3 charges on my tablet or several on my phone with 1 charge. I not only would do business with Anker again, but I highly recommend them, their products and their c.s. is 2nd to none.

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1. Apple iPhone 6 16GB 4G LTE Unlocked GSM Cell Phone – Space Gray

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By MKOW on January 6, 2015
The great thing about buying an unlocked phone is that you never have to worry about your contract again, and can switch carriers whenever you see a better deal elsewhere. Also using the phone in other countries is no issue!

This is my 2nd iPhone (Verizon), coming from an iPhone 5.
I’m an Apple enthusiast so this was an obvious choice for me.

Overall, the phone is awesome but I not necessarily suggest anyone immediately upgrade from the 5/5s unless they are compelled to do so.
It is fast opening and closing apps, websites, etc. but not a huge difference to make me suggest to hurry up and buy it.
I only got an iPhone 6 because my daughter was in need of her first iPhone, so it made sense to give her my old iPhone 5.
The screen response is perfect and the thumb print works 90% of the time and is really convenient to get into the phone.

There are a few shortcomings, however:
1. The protruding rear camera lens is just stupid – so you really can’t set the naked phone on its back without worrying about it.
2. The rolled edges on the glass are just stupid – this means that a screen protector cannot go edge to edge. It also means that most any case will have a gap between it and the glass at the eye of the case.
3. Too thin – yes, this phone is too thin – hence the protruding rear camera issue. Thinness also contributes to making the phone very slippery and very easy to drop. Maybe that is what Apple wants – drop the phone often so you have to replace it often?
4. Confounding the thinness issue are the rounded edges. Rounded edges make many cases very easy to slip off, or at least not fit as snug as they otherwise could.
5. Not case friendly: Thin + round edge + rolled glass edges = a very unfriendly phone to accepting cases and screen protectors. Overall, I find the old iPhone 5/5s much easier to fit a case to it and install a screen protector.

So, the iPhone 6 is a very cool device. For everyday use like email and Internet, I really do not notice any speed difference, but some web pages open slightly faster. Buy this phone for increased screen size. I like the screen size, but would probably have bought a smaller (normal?) screen if they made that – the added size does make it a bit less “pocketable.” The 6+ seems like it would be too large for most folks – where do you carry it? I ended up with the Otterbox Defender case, BTW, and it seems to work out fine and is very protective and still fits in my back pocket, shirt pocket, or cargo-pant pocket (I drop my phone a lot, so it suits my needs).

I use it for work, play, investing and checking stocks, pictures, video, texting, notes, to-do list, play guitar with iRig, music, emergency flashlight, reading news, reading Kindle books, watching YouTube and Amazon instant video, running apps, hands-free phone in car, and the list goes on and on. What other purchase on the planet enables so many things to be done with it? A smart phone is a no-brainer, really. So, at this point I will always have an iPhone. And my wife and daughter have iPhones too. Just so convenient on so many levels and essential to stay in touch in a busy lifestyle. Pictures do seem crisper with this phone. You can’t go wrong with this device. Period.

But that does not mean it is perfect – the physical deficiencies I have noted, IMHO, are a step backwards for this device, performance aside. The protruding camera, really, by today’s standards and by Apple’s design theme of sleekness, is just stupid and very unexpected. But, at the end of the day, it is an iPhone and functionally it does exactly what I have come to expect it to do.

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